A Complete Guide to Raider Reputation in Fallout 76 and Item Purchasing Strategies

One of the fun things about role-playing games is that you can join specific factions and build your reputation. In Fallout 76, players can increase their reputation with multiple factions in the Appalachian region. While only a few factions have a reputation system, the Raiders in the Wastelanders update are one of them. This article will detail how to build relationships with the Raiders in The Crater.

A Complete Guide to Raider Reputation

Who are the Raiders in Fallout 76?

The Raiders are a group of fierce characters stationed within the Crater in the Appalachian Mountains. Made up of multiple nearly wiped-out raider groups in West Virginia, the group is now led by Meg Groberg and is mostly made up of members of her former group. They are at odds with another raider group that has entered Appalachia, the Blood Eagles.

In the Wastelanders update, players can choose to join one of the two warring factions, the Raiders or the Settlers. Once chosen, players will gain the corresponding reputation and participate in their adventure into Vault 79. The Raiders are one of the few factions that players can actually join.

How to Gain Raider Reputation

How to Gain Raider Reputation

The main way to increase your reputation with the Raiders is to complete their main questline. However, this does not give the player a large amount of reputation; in fact, the player only reaches a “Friendly” level. In this case, players can choose to buy Fallout 76 items to speed up the process. Purchasing these items will not only allow you to improve your reputation faster, but also make you more competitive in the game. To further increase your reputation, the player needs to do the following:

1. Complete Daily Quests:

  • Vital Equipment: Given by Ward in the Foundation.
  • The Importance of Communication: Given by Wren in the Crater.
  • Photo Opportunities: Given by Davenport in the Overseer’s House.
  • Retirement Plans: Given by Roxie.

2. Complete Specific Events:

  • The Moonshine Jamboree event can earn players a large amount of reputation.

3. Helping Raiders in Random Encounters:

  • Players may encounter Raiders fighting Settlers in the wild, or Raiders fighting other enemies. Helping Raiders will earn them Reputation.
  • By repeating these quests and events over and over, the player can gradually increase their Raider Reputation until t+hey reach the maximum level. The higher the reputation, the more items the player can purchase from Mortimer.
The Importance of Improving Reputation

The Importance of Improving Reputation

Building and improving reputation not only allows players to gain higher status and better items in the game, but also unlocks more quests and game content. If you are a player who likes to experience the game story and faction interaction in depth, improving the reputation of the raider will be a part that cannot be missed.

Join the raiders, build your reputation, and explore more Appalachian adventures!