Month: January 2013

Conquer Online : Free Oriental Assassin Gift Pack!Conquer Online : Free Oriental Assassin Gift Pack!

  After a long month of waiting, Conquer Online has finally announced the arrival of their latest addition – the Oriental Assassin! TQ Digital, together with MMORPG, brings the fantastic assassin starter pack to boost newbies’ development. Join us today to experience the most unique assassin class in MMO world. This gift pack contains differnt ….  Read More

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Climbing higher, falling heavily.

Druid General skills: cyclone, at present, it is 30 yards. Wild mushrooms: bloom add “wild mushrooms’s treatment addition is shared by all treated objects” introduction. Recovery Wild mushrooms: at present, every mushroom gain rejuvenation’s excessive treatment 25% treatment addition. From 75% addition, gaining 33% treatment addition amount to your life value, down adjust from 100%. ….  Read More

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Ragnarok Online : Lighthalzen Arrives On ClassicRagnarok Online : Lighthalzen Arrives On Classic

      Gravity Interactive has announced that the town of Lighhalzen has been deployed on the Ragnarok Online Classic server. The town will offer players a variety of new quests as well as the homunculus companion monsters for Alchemists as well as the Somatology Laboratory dungeon underneath the city. Airship routes to the city-state ….  Read More

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