Climbing higher, falling heavily.

General skills: cyclone, at present, it is 30 yards.
Wild mushrooms: bloom add “wild mushrooms’s treatment addition is shared by all treated objects” introduction.
Wild mushrooms: at present, every mushroom gain rejuvenation’s excessive treatment 25% treatment addition. From 75% addition, gaining 33% treatment addition amount to your life value, down adjust from 100%.
Naturalism: makes your treatment effect increases 10%.
Shooting: aimed fire: magic time is shorten to 2.5 seconds.
T 15
2 suits: increasing 1800 points swift、master and crit, but not 5100 swift.
Misty wine: 6 seconds cooling at present.
General skill: blind flash: it is 18 seconds to carry on magic.
Priest talent
Discipline/holy: you get power word: comfort
Shadow: when you discharge it to 3 shadow last hurt magic effects, your spirit lash gains mass effect.
Divine aegis: doesn’t affect treatment prayer any more.
Concentration: it makes power word “shield” magic consume down to 50%.
Discipline/holy: it is also holy specialization’s skill now.
General skill: smoke bomb: it can make teammates who stand in smoke bomb hurt reduces to 20%.
Talent: mark of death: only the goal in 60 seconds dies could make cooling time reset.
Fight: blade flurry: it makes 40% hurt.
Talent: elemental master: it is 90 seconds cooling now.
T15 2 element suits: the trigger flash beating hurt is shouldered by all goals.
4 recovery suits: trigger rate increases to 50%.
General skill: dark intent: it also increases 10% endurance.
General skill: backhand: it makes 75% assistant weapon hurt.
Rage: blood boom: there is 20% chance to trigger.Orc chief kharga experienced a lot of disturbances. After defeating stone guard and captured his hammer as trophy, in the tribe, it summoned up dread Lord Graeme but can’t control it, so the demon killed 28 orcs. But it took time for Kharga and was expelled by him. At last, Kharga made the rule steady and then kept another girl. But Kharga’s wife got angry for losing his love and killed him with a knife.
Comment: Kharga suffered a lot troubles, when he just wanted to enjoy the victory, he died for a woman. Climbing higher, falling heavily.
A young King
Towell emperor Nita ascended the throne freely and decided to open a great event. He led military to squash a revolt and always won; he led people got through serious famine. But during this period, his pet cat died. After the nation was steady, he ordered to build a grand palace. But the palace was not built, he was ill and died at a young age. According to custom, his viscera was kept in a terrine.
Comment:No king rules forever。