It seemed that he did not want to escape.

Inadvertently, we came to the tenth battle with much . The ninth and the tenth battle were very important to a group which wanted to win five straight. All of us felt very nervous, but when the gate opened, we were scared.

The group of the enemies had Marina, the person who knew Adele, Manuel and Cable; they were the people we knew. Manuel still used his sword; I thought he should use his former skills.

They used the negative magic to us; we did not come to them, because we were afraid of the skill of the freelancer.


Marina hid behind, so the negative magic could not hurt her, and she had time to  for her teammates.

Manuel and Cable began to move, and the freelancer began to shoot at us, the blood of us began green quickly. The situation was bad to us, so we began to retreat, but Jacobi was still very confident, he used negative magic to Manuel and Cable. It seemed that he did not want to escape.

Suddenly the skill of Jacobi was disturbed again, the two soldiers rushed to Jacobi together, when Jacobi only lost some blood, so he wanted to ran back, but he could not move.

It seemed that Manuel wanted to torment Jacobi to die, and Jacobi died finally without, and the two soldiers’ next goal was Agate, my hero soul. Agate was small to them; she fell into the oil lake when she escaped.

But this muff was our chance to change the situation. Polly sent out the beneficial magic behind us, because all of them looked at Agate, so nobody cared our monk. And then they also fell into the oil lake with Agate, and they could not move.


Jacobi was resurrected, and then he used his curse to attack the two soldiers. Because they were in the oil lake, though Marina had much , but she dared not to save them.

Because there was the diversification, so we had advantage, and then we killed them finally. It seemed that it was good if there was a necromancer or a Mesmer in our group.

We won the tenth battle smoothly; we did not come across any difficulty. So we won ten straight in the arena of Ascalon. But we did not know what special meaning there would be this time.


The prince seemed very anxious, he looked into the distance.

“Was the caravan high jacked again? Did they lose all of the?” The prince asked.

“Yes, a group of monsters which had only one eye did.” Mahon answered.

“I never hear such monsters.” Samaria began to contradict again.

“Stop fucking, Samaria, look at them! They come!” Mahon pointed at the distance, there were many monsters, and their skin was pink, as if they were a big rose.

The name of the monsters was Eye of Storm, because they had special eye structure, so they had strong sight, they could puzzle enemy with their contemplation.


The monsters were born Mesmer. But they would not attack human on their own initiative, and they were not interesting of , so someone must control them behind them.

The monsters used the skill, and then the blood bars of us became pink. The battle lasted for ten minutes, we killed them finally, and then we moved to the north, we came into an obsolescent city.

“My dear Adela, are you in there? Don’t be afraid, I will save you soon.” The prince said gently.