DUST 514 : Dust and EVE Sitting in a TreeDUST 514 : Dust and EVE Sitting in a Tree



Now that the DUST 514 PS3 open beta is in full swing, we thought we’d corral Brandon Laurino, Executive Producer at CCP for Dust 514 to talk more about how EVE and DUST are functioning together. Check out our exclusive interview and then talk about it in the comments.
MMORPG.com: Will Dust players be able to join corporations from the get-go?

Brandon Laurino: This is currently live. Corporations between EVE Online and DUST 514 are completely the same, down to running off literally the same backend system. DUST 514 players can join EVE Online corporations that have been around 10 years, or can make their own Corporations and recruit EVE Online players into it, or keep it a Corp of exclusively DUST 514 mercenaries. The choice is yours.

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