Guild Wars 2: The King of the Cow Monster

But we felt surprised soon, because the monster stood up again, and its eyes were redder, it did not take the axe, and it took a red scythe, it was aggressive. It was killed by us just now, but it could stand up now, I thought it must have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Oh my god, it is a corpse!” Polly shouted, and she nearly fell down.

I thought Polly was too stupid, this was the world of the Guild Wars 2, it was normal that there was a corpse, when we were in the catacomb before, there were many corpses, did she forget?

“It is not a corpse, it is the characteristic of the monster, after it is killed for the first time, and then it will turn to be the monster of rank poison, after it is killed for the second time, it will have other diversification, but I forget it. In a word, we must kill it for three times, and then it will really die.” The ice empress said to us.

The monster of rank poison was as the same as the former monsters, it did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold, but if we approached it, we would be poisoned, but it was lucky that it did not have other great skills, so we killed it again easily.

It was the third diversification, we looked at it carefully this time, and we did not want to lose any particulars. The dead body turned to be some water, and there was no flesh, at last, there were only some thick beef bones, I thought it was a good idea that if we took them to a dog, and maybe we could use the bones to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

Suddenly we found that the bones were moving, oh my god, it was a skeleton of a cow. It had a hammer which was made of bone, though the hammer was small, but it had great power.

It was the Cow Skeleton King, and it was in level 26, I thought it should be the last form of the monster.

The monster had fast speed this time, it used the hammer even faster the axe of Latvia, and I felt that it moved more cattily.

Suddenly the monster jumped highly, and its hammer sent out blinding purple light.

It was the skill of monster, it would knock down the goal and nearby enemies, and it consumed ten points of anger, but it did not consume much Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was stronger than the Earth Trample, after the monster fell down, it did not change again. It died finally.