Guild Wars 2: The Monster of the Lost Tower

Though nobody could use it, I would give it to some new mates in future, so I put it in my bag with my new cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

We walked on the second floor, there were many green and black monsters as the first floor, and there were also some incantation sorcerers. We saw a shinning point slowly; it should be the transmission gate to the third floor. It seemed that we killed all of the monsters on the second floor.

“Ice empress, you come finally.” It was a cold voice.

The person was a sorcerer who wore red clothes, he was very strong, and he was nearly three meters tall.

There was a big hat on his head, and we could not see his face clearly. He was the king of monsters, and he was in level 28, I thought he must be the leader of the incantation monsters, so he must have much Guild Wars 2 gold.

“It is you, how do you know my coming?” It seemed that the ice empress knew this monster early.

“Of course I know, the White Mantle know that you don’t want to listen to him, and you will try your best to come back this tower, because you want to save your friend.”

The monster said coldly. It seemed that this monster was an allegiant servant of the White Mantle, and the White Mantle must buy Guild Wars 2 gold for him; I thought he would kill the ice empress for the White Mantle, so I must protect the ice empress.

“Yes, I come now, but could you stop me?” The ice empress said coldly, and then her eyes became red. It was the Ice Storm, it was a skill of reducing speed, and it looked like a sharp ice arrow.

“You are foolish; you are still so impulsive, you should know that you may die because of your impulse.”

Though the enemy was got by the skill, but it seemed that he was fine, and he did not care the skill at all, it seemed that he also did not lose any Guild Wars 2 gold. The water magic could not give enemy heavy hurt, it did not like the fire magic, but the monster should be reduced speed, he could not run away, wasn’t he afraid? Maybe he had some other skills to resist the skill of the ice empress.

It was the Fire Explosion, its profession was elementalist, and its type was fire magic.

The skill belonged to incantation, the nearby enemies would be hurt by the fire, and it would consume fifteen points of energy, its casting time was 0.75, its cooling time was five seconds.

This skill had big range of hurt, it had short cooling time, so he could use it continuously, he did not need to add the Guild Wars 2 gold, no wonder he was not afraid of the skill of the ice empress just now, we were unable to close to him.

The very short casting time was also a problem, and Dakar could not interrupt it.

Latvia and Cable were the chief killers in our team; it was bad that they could not approach the monster.

The monster saw that we dared not to hit him, and then he smiled, as if he got much Guild Wars 2 gold,he used the Double Flat Thunder. As the leader of the incantation sorcerers, of course he knew this skill. It was lucky that we knew the power of this skill, so we did not stand together, and we kept a distance from each other, so the skill should not hurt us. Maybe we should thank the ice empress, we might die on the first floor without her, but we came here for saving her friend.