Killing the Cavalry Easily in Guild Wars 2

“Yes, so I decide to save my friend with my own way, and the way is joining your team, I know you are kind persons, and I need your help.” The ice empress said honestly, and I believed her a little.

“Please trust me, even if you don’t believe me, you must believe Dylan, now I am his hero wraith, and he could control me, he even could get all of my Guild Wars 2 gold, so I won’t hurt you.” She knew my mates still distrust her, so she explained to them desperately.

“Well, I trust you!” Latvia said, and she was straight. It seemed that my mates believed her now.

“You are too stupid; even if you are really in their team now, I will also kill you, and all of you must die, I even won’t give you time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” The cavalry laughed, he was too rampant, and I wanted to kill him right now.

He used the same skill as a simple cavalry, and this skill could not hurt us badly, it only could interrupt our movements. I did not think he was powerful.

He used another skill of monster, and the skill could make enemy bleed and handicapped, it consumed five points of energy, and the cooling time was eight.

If we were hit by this skill, we would lose much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold. Now I found that I was wrong, it was a little hard to deal with him, he was really stronger than the last cavalry.

The cavalry fell off from the sky, just after he stepped on the ground, he jumped again, and then he used a new skill in the sky, the new skill consume fifteen points of energy, and the cooling time was fifteen.

Though his skills were very powerful, but it was a pity that he could not hit us.

“What happened?” Before he died, he did not know what was wrong. I thought that maybe he had been in this tower for a long time, so he did not know what the blocking was.

“It is impossible, I won’t fail!” But he still failed, after he fell down, there were a pair of swords and much Guild Wars 2 gold.

They were the Red Swords! No wonder I felt that they were familiar. But I remembered that they were used by lower cavalry before, now they were used by the leader.