Dealing with the Fire Monster in Guild Wars 2

“Don’t laugh, do you want to die?” Latvia said angrily, because she saw the axe of the enemy.

“Don’t be impetuous, Latvia!” I had no time to stop her, and Latvia rushed to the enemy with her axe and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, she hit the feet of the enemy with her axe.

“Oh my god, I am hurt! Who is hitting me?” The enemy did not say more, and then his fire axe fell off.

“Be careful!” Latvia did not need our reminding, and she jumped aside, but the enemy was too huge, so Latvia was still hurt a little, she lost sixty points of blood.

All of us were scared, even a simple attack could make Latvia lose so much blood, if he used a strong skill, we would lose more than one hundred points of blood and nearly all of our Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Burning, and Latvia’s clothes began to burn, she was losing her life, it was the symptom of burning. I felt that it was impossible! A soldier should not have a skill of burning, it should be the best skill of a fire elementalist, but it was obvious that the enemy was not an elementalist monster.

Even if he was the elementalist monster, I did not see his using a skill; he only cut Latvia just now, why did Latvia begin to burn?

Was it the Fire Axe? I remembered that this equipment should have a property, so it could burn the goal when the enemy used it to give Latvia a simple attack. There might be such anomalous equipment in other games, but it was different in the Guild Wars 2, I thought we should consume much time to deal with this monster, and we even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

“I know, the enemy is intertwined by the fire, Latvia was closed to him just now, so she began to burn.” The ice empress said.

“What is the skill?” I asked the ice empress.

“It is not a skill, it is a special attribute of this monster, and we could not destroy it, we also could not avoid it.”

I felt it was bad to us. It was better that the monster did not move very fast, so if we kept far away from him, we would not be hurt by his fire, of course, we did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold now, so we should be more careful.