Baroque’s Appearance in Guild Wars 2

After we crossed the bridge, we were still a little nervous, we turned back and looked at the bones on the bridge, and all of us knew that we were nearly killed by the monsters just now.

We came to the eighth floor finally; there was a huge altar in the middle, as if it was a sacrificial place. There were some monsters on each direction, they were guarding the altar, and we knew they had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Baroque is on the altar, he is sleeping now, we should kill the monsters, and then we must stand on the altar, Baroque will wake up.”

The ice empress told us the way to wake Baroque up. It seemed that she had complex emotions now.

“It is so easy.” I said, because I thought it would be very difficult before, and I even went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold early.

“The problem is that Baroque is powerful, even if we have six persons, we must be careful, or else we will die.” The ice empress reminded me carefully.

“Yes, I know.” I said to her, but I did not believe that Baroque was really so powerful.

After we killed the monsters with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold, we stood on the altar, and we were waiting for Baroque.

The earth was shaking, and even the entire tower was shaking, as if it was going to topple down. A lot of stone chips and fire fell off from the ceiling.

“Who is there? Who disturbed my sleeping?” It was a strong voice.

He was Baroque, and he was in level 31, he was the monster who was in highest level we saw. If I was right, I remembered that the White Mantle was also in level 31, maybe Baroque was as powerful as the White Mantle.

The ice empress told me that Baroque was a centaur before, but I felt he was not a centaur, because the upper part of his body was not human, it looked like a dragon. Baroque’s body was very red, and I thought he looked like a lobster.

The whole body of Baroque was covered by armor, so we could not see his face clearly, and he took a red death scythe in his hand, I thought he must have much Guild Wars 2 gold, I heard that he could use the terrible fire skill.

“It is me, Baroque, I am the ice empress, and don’t you know me?” The ice empress said to Baroque, she still wanted to be friend of Baroque.