Crossing the Grizzle Bridge in Guild Wars 2

After it died, we did not kill another, we would wait for its resurrection, and then we would know the time. We did it as my thoughts, the waiting time was long, it needed two minutes to resurrect again, so the meaning was that we must kill all of the monsters on the bridge with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold in two minutes.

We could not use the old method, because it was too slow, and it was impossible that we could kill the monsters in two minutes. Now we were in higher level, so I thought we could deal with the monsters directly.

But we should be still careful, and of course, we should avoid the skill of hell fire, and the fire burned once every ten minutes, we should buy Guild Wars 2 gold first.

We had an experiment first, we drew out four monsters once time, and we consumed twenty seconds to kill them, so we could kill twenty-four monsters in two monsters. We came to the head of the bridge, and then we found that there were still fourteen monsters on the bridge, all of us felt it was easy to cross the bridge.

I thought the time was enough. I was not so nervous any more, and I thought after we killed them, we could get much Guild Wars 2 gold again.

But since we began to fight with the monsters, I found that we were wrong, it was right that we could kill a monster in five seconds, but we still had to waste some other time to draw out the monster and evade.

After a while, there were four monsters finally, and now there were still ten seconds, if we could not kill these four monsters in ten seconds, the monsters died just now would resurrect together then, but it seemed to be impossible that we killed these four monsters in ten seconds.

“We must rush over! The eighth floor is in the front of us, as long as we are outside of the range of the bridge, the monsters won’t catch up with us, even if they have much Guild Wars 2 gold.” The ice empress shouted to us.

Yes, what she said was right, we were too stupid just now, we did not need to kill all of the monsters, and it was enough that we could open a road on the bridge. I knew why people failed here before, they did not know this point, they only wanted to kill all of the monsters, but they could not kill them in the certain time, so after the monsters resurrected, they were killed.