Guild Wars 2: The Great Power of Baroque

“Who is the ice empress? I don’t know you, as long as you disturb my sleeping, you will die, and I will kill all of people, of course, I will destroy everything in the world.” It was a desperate answer, and it seemed that we had to fight with him, in fact, all of us did not want to fight with him really, because the ice empress still considered him as her friend, but we had no other way, we must kill him with our skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, or else he would kill many people.

“Be careful, he is singing the incantation of Fireball.” Santana told us, she knew the fire skills well, so just when Baroque opened his mouth, Santana knew what skill he wanted to use.

It was really the Fireball, if Santana or other people used this skill, it would not have strong power, because they were not in so high level, and they also did not have so much Guild Wars 2 gold.

There were still other fire skills could hurt enemy badly, and they were stronger than the Fireball. But Baroque was a monster who was in level 31, we did not know what level his Fireball was in.

The Fireball might be in level 18 or 20, if we were hit by him, we would lose two hundred points of blood and much Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Fire Storm, it was large-scale and continuous skill again, Baroque was really an elementalist, but he took a scythe in his hand, we did not know what he wanted to do with the scythe.

Baroque hit Cable and Latvia suddenly, because the two persons were attacking him, so both of them were hurt badly, all of us were scared, even a simple attack could hurt us so badly.

The scythe had a property; it was that it could attack three persons at the same time.

I thought the scythe was the best physical weapon. But it also had a disadvantage, the gap of the upper and lower was big, when it was low; it was even lower than a sword. Its attacking speed was slow, it could attack enemy once every 1.75 seconds as a hammer.

Baroque had fire skill and the scythe, he was nearly perfect. We did not know how to deal with him, even if we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold now, and the worse thing was that the ice empress did not say a word all the time, maybe she was still sad.