Guild Wars 2: The Grizzle Bridge

I knew they must have strong skills and much Guild Wars 2 gold, and each of them was powerful.

“If we could cross this bridge, and then we could get to the eighth floor, or else we will turn to be the bones on the bridge as the former dead people.” The ice empress said peacefully, as if she saw many people died before, but we felt very nervous, because there were too many monsters, and only the number of the bones on the bridge was enough terrible.

“No, I don’t want to die!” Polly nearly cried, and each of us knew that it needed many bones to build such a bridge.

“It is the Grizzle Bridge, many people failed at here, and there are also many other people did not cross this bridge, they thought for a long time, and then they went back at last.” The ice empress said sadly.

“What about you? Did you leave at last? Did not you have the Guild Wars 2 gold?” I asked the ice empress, and I thought that she must come here before.

“Yes, I could only get here by myself, but I tried my best, I still could not save Baroque, I did not know what happened in the prison at that time, now I know he changes.” The ice empress said, and I knew she was sad that she had to kill her friend.

“It is only a bridge, nothing is impossible to me, don’t worry, I will help you and protect you.” I said to the ice empress, because I did not want her to be unhappy, though I was also afraid of the monsters, but I would try my best, it was lucky that we had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold now.

“The monsters on this bridge are different from other monsters, in fact, the monsters in the instance could not refresh before, after they were killed, they disappeared, but the monsters on this bridge could resurrect together in a certain time, so we have to kill them in a short time, and then we could cross the bridge.”

“Is that true? Could they resurrect? Do they resurrect with their Guild Wars 2 gold?” It was a big problem.

“How often do they resurrect?” Santana asked an important question, yes, we must know the time difference.

“I am not sure, but I know that they will resurrect together, and they don’t resurrect one by one.” The ice empress explained to us.

I had a method soon, I thought that we should draw out a monster, and then we killed it.