The Appearance of Dagmar in Guild Wars 2

“The road ahead is opened, let’s go, prince.” Mahon looked into the distance, and then he said to the prince.

“Well, let’s go.” The group of the refugees set out, as if they were a group of ants, it was a pity that they did not have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

The snow mountain shook suddenly, it was not man-made, it was the natural disaster, and the snow fell off, it looked like the snow slide.

“Help me!”

“The end of the world is nigh!” The refugees cried and shouted.

The refugees were very nervous, and then they were running, their heart was full of desperation and helplessness. In fact, the darkness was here early.

When Ascalon was destroyed, when the fire end came, people of Ascalon learned to give up all hope. Now the prince took them out of the wars in the world, and the prince promised to give them a peaceful place, so they had the hope, and they believe that the prince could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for them.

The wars were always oppressive, and people wanted to escape the wars by the light of nature.

Nobody liked the wars, everyone was not willing to be entranced with the destruction and devastation of the wars, or else the person was frenzied, maybe he could do anything to get the Guild Wars 2 gold.

Aidan’s parents climbed the Shiver peak and came to the Ruler Valley, because they wanted to escape the wars.

But the wars were everywhere, there would be wars in the whole Tyria Continent and the Guild Wars 2, even the real world of human beings would also be full of wars. The darkness and the desperation would be the mainstream of the world, and the brightness and the warmness would be a story.

“I am Dagmar, the host of the Shiver peak, I am the ice god, and I will control everything here.”

A purple monster appeared, and it looked like a dragon, a dwarf was sitting on the head of the monster, of course, we knew that he was the leader of the dwarves of the Stone Summit; of course, he had much Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Ice empress, you are a traitor, I don’t need to listen to you now, and I could do everything I want.” Dagmar said.

“He is really a fool.” The ice empress said in my heart, in fact, she hated Dagmar early; especially he always looked at the ice empress lustfully.

“The snow slide will kill you, you are my enemies, because you offense me, so you must die.” He made the snow slide, but we did not know what skill it was.