The Poor Helena outside of Guild Wars 2

Helena wore a red woman’s dress today, she wore a pair of high boots, and she was so beautiful, as if she was a princess in a fairy tale world, I thought that she would get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold with her beauty if she was in Guild Wars 2.
“What’s wrong? Don’t you know me?” Helena said to me, and then she turned her body, the woman’s dress was very nice.
“Yes, you changed, and now you are very beautiful.” I said to her.
“What do you mean? Do you mean that I was not beautiful before?”
“No, you were also beautiful before, but your beauty was closet before, now everyone could see your beauty.”
“You also change, and you have a glib tongue now.” Helena smiled.
“Don’t believe him, he is a bad man.” I did not know why Zaria said this, maybe she was still angry, only because I called the ice empress this morning, but it was only a dream, and I did not think it was important, in fact, I wanted to know whether the ice empress was in Guild Wars 2, maybe she hurried to get the Guild Wars 2 gold.
Now I felt strange, Zaria considered Helena as her enemy this morning, but now it seemed that they were good friends, what happened?
“Do you know? Helena is very poor, her boyfriend abandoned her, and she did not know where she should go, so she came to find you.” Zaria said to me, but what I should do to help her, if she needed, I could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for her.
“Don’t say more, he is a dirty bum, I hate him!” Helena said quietly, and then she cried.
I was puzzled, though I knew there must be something wrong between her and her boyfriend, but I did not know it was so serious.
“We were going to marry, and we bought the wedding rings. But he did not come on the day of the engagement, and his friend told me that he left with another woman later, and the woman was his first lover.”
After a while, Helena said: “After I graduated from my university, I did not work, because he said that he would feed me, and he did not want me to be tired, so he did not want me to work, and I promised him, I was so moving. He worked very hard, and he often came back very late, though he could not get much money, but it was enough. I never doubted him, but I was wrong.” I really wanted to kill him with my skill and Guild Wars 2 gold.