The Terrible Snake Dance Road in Guild Wars 2

After I got into the Guild Wars 2, I found that I was in the Beacon Hill, and it had much snow here, there were many players here.
“Oh my god, I get here finally, though I have no cheap Guild Wars 2 gold now, but I am still alive.”
“Yes, it is too difficult, and the dwarves of the Stone Summit are stronger than the charr.”
“I nearly died when the Frost Gate was opened, it was lucky that I moved quickly, and I got out of the instance, so I did not die.”
“Yes, I had the same experience, my life is most important, I could have the instance once more, but if I die, I could not resurrect myself again.”
“No, we could resurrect, I hear that there will be the resurrection system in future, but it will cost much Guild Wars 2 gold.”
“Even if it is expensive, it is worthy, because it could save my life.”
I remembered that my boss said that if the system wanted the players to conquer an area thoroughly, players in this area should have the ability of resurrection. But I did not care it, because I was the conqueror.
“Deer warrior, you come, now the whole Ascalon is waiting for you.” A man who wore puce armor came and said to me.
He was Samuel, I remembered him, I saved his son before, and I also helped his soldier to deliver the thoughts of love. I did not think that he followed the prince to the Shiver peak, so he was a good man, if it was necessary; I even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for him.
Well, Samuel must want to see the prince now, so I called the prince out.
“Prince, I am glad to see you again.” Just when Samuel saw the prince, he became very respectful.
“My team leader, which direction should we choose next?”
“Prince, my scout looked over the surrounding road, and he found that one road was to the south, it was the Loans Pass, another one was to the north, and it was the Deldrimor Basin.”
“Which one is to Kryta?”
“The Loans Pass on the south is a wide road, if we go on walking to the south, we will climb over the hills, and it is the Snake Dance Road.”
When the prince heard the Snake Dance Road, he was a little nervous, and many soldiers were very terrible, even if each of them had much Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Agate, are you there?” I asked in my heart, but nobody answered me.
“Agate, are you dead?” I was unhappy.