A Strong Kind of Monsters in Guild Wars 2

“What do you want me to do for you? I am a beautiful girl, but you are so bad-mannered.” Agate said to me slowly.
“I hear that you know the main tasks well, but do you know the geography of the Guild Wars 2?”
“You could ask me any question, but I need the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” She answered.
“Where is the Snake Dance Road? After the prince heard it, he was very nervous.”
“Don’t you know it? It is the most famous one on the whole Shiver peak.”
“Tell me quickly.”
“Well, I will tell you slowly.” Agate shook her head and said: “The Loans Pass and the Snake Dance Road is the only pass between the south Shiver peak and the north Shiver peak……”
“What do you mean? Is there only one pass in such a big mountain?” I had to interrupt his speech.
“Human beings could only walk through this pass. The towering mountains are on the other side, and it rises more than 30000 feet above sea level.”
“It is taller than the Mount qomolangma.” I was so surprised, and I thought even a bird could not fly over it. We only had much Guild Wars 2 gold and some skills.
“So you could only choose the Snake Dance Road. But this road is also very dangerous, there are strong monsters on the way, and human beings even could not pass it.”
“It is easy, there are only some small monsters, and I could kill them easily.” I was proud again.
Agate did not care me, and she said again: “I had a team which had six persons before, and they were in level 20, we had the best skills, but all of us were killed just after we set out for three minutes, we even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.”
“Is that true? Is it so powerful?” I believed that Agate was very powerful, if she was killed before; I thought the monster was really strong.
“We were killed by a kind of monsters mainly; it is called the ice worm. I think this ice worm should have a relationship with the sand worm.” As if Agate said to the sky, but I knew she said to me.
Was the ice worm a near relation of the sand worm? I knew why Agate and her mates were killed, the sand worms were even more powerful than the BOSS in the game, and it was nearly matchless, even if people had much Guild Wars 2 gold. People only wanted to see just one sand worm, because even a team which had eight persons could not deal with two sand worms at the same time.