A Closet Task in Guild Wars 2

“Why do you say that? I am so glad, you are my dear guests of Ascalon, and I will give each of you much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold later, this way please.” Tolono took us to walk in the village.
“Where is my pig?” It was the little boy’s voice, he came here!
“Young boy, don’t be afraid, your pig is here.” I gave the pig to the boy.
“Oh my god, it is my pig, it comes back!” He said, and he was so glad to see his pig again.
There was a middle-aged man behind the boy, the man was well-dressed, and as if he was a scholar.
“Hello, I am Cervix’s father, my name is Maclean, I am a historian, and I am good at unscrambling the history of Orr.”
“The history of Orr is the history of the wraiths.” I said.
“Yes, you helped my son to find his beloved pig, so thank you very much, though I could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you, but I want to do something for you with my ability.”
After a while, he saw we were a little glad, and as if we were looking forward to something, so Maclean said: “I hear that there is a writing tablet on the other side of the seacoast, and the tablet records the history of Orr, please take it to me, and I could help you to unscrambling it, so you could know the Orr wraith well.”
“Well, we will find it.” I felt that this was a closet task.
Before we walked out of the village, Tolono stopped us suddenly, and he asked us: “Where are you going?”
I felt that he was meddling, and I was very angry, but I restrained myself, and I said to him politely: “I want to do something, and I will help my friend to find a tablet, do you want to give us the Guild Wars 2 gold?”
“It is great, and I want you to help me just right.”
I did not believe that he would tell me something what I wanted to hear, and maybe he wanted me to kill the wraith again, of course, he would not give us the Guild Wars 2 gold really.
“Hebron lives on the other side of the sea, he is the judicial officer, and I think you’d better go to see him.” The border geographical environment of Kryta was divided by a long and narrow harbor, so there were east coast and west coast. There was a bridge between the two pieces of land, and Hebron was on the other side of the bridge.