A New Monster in Guild Wars 2

Hebron was the fattest and strongest man among the persons. He was a grand justice, so I thought he must embezzle a lot, of course, he should have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Warriors of Ascalon, you come finally.” The expression of Hebron was not so nice, as if he said: “I waited for you for a long time.”
“We found a small fortified point in an everglade of the Orr wraith on the north of barrier, and I hope that you can go to destroy the fortified point with us.” They had so many people, if they wanted to destroy it, they would go early, and they did not need to wait for us.
We set out, before we got to the everglade, there were already many wraiths, we saw the familiar skeletons, zombies, the Hellhounds and ghouls, there was a new kind of monster who had much Guild Wars 2 gold this time, it was the Skeleton Dragon.
They had broken wings, and they were very thin, their heads were too biting. They were the strongest monsters among the wraiths, and they were very powerful.
“Be care of the dragon, it could kill many professions.” Hebron told me.
“Yes, I know.” The monster was the invincible opponent of many professions, was it a Mesmer or a freelancer?
It was the Black Poisonous, its profession was freelancer, and its type was field survivorship, it belonged to preparation skills, when the user shot an arrow to the enemy, and the enemy would get one to seven point of extra damage, and there would be a ball of toxic smog around the goal, and other enemies nearby would be also interrupted, this skill could last for one to ten seconds, and it consumed fifteen point of energy, the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 24.
Now we knew that the Skeleton Dragon was a freelancer, we did not when we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
This skill was a very powerful preparation skill, and many professions were afraid of this skill. Each place the arrow went, there was green smog, but it was not the toxic smog, though the name of this skill had the “Toxic”.
But the green smog was more terrible than poison, because all of the skills near the smog were interrupted, and I thought it was stronger than simple skills of interruption. If we wanted to overcome the difficulty of being interrupted, we should run out of the smog range, but we had to waste time and Guild Wars 2 gold when we were running, so we lost the first chance of war.