Guild Wars 2: Returne to the Village again

“So will you give us the inscription?” I thought they were cleverer than the simple monsters, because they were human beings when they were alive, and they could come to guard the inscription, so they must be the scholars before they died, they should have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the Chain Lightning, its profession was elementalist, its type was wind magic, it belonged to incantation, and it could make the enemy and other two enemies who were closed to the goal get 10 to 70 point of lightning damage, but the user would be tired, and it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 3, the cooling time was 10.
The monsters began to hit us, and we were scared by the Chain Lightning, it was so powerful, we were nearly killed by it, and I thought we must buy Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
There were not many skills of groups of injury in wind magic, so the Chain Lightning was important. The three monsters used the skill together, and they could make enemy lose three hundred point of blood. There was a cooling time of ten seconds, and the casting time was 3, so we should take this chance to interrupt it.
It was the Weak Electric Shock, its profession was elementalist, and its type was wind magic, it belonged to incantation, it could make the enemy get 5 to 41 point of lightning damage, and the enemy would have the weak symptom for 5 to 17 seconds, it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 1, and the cooling time was 8.
When the Chain Lightning had its cooling time, the monsters did not stop, they gave out a lightning. Though Cable and Latvia did not lose much blood and the Guild Wars 2 gold, but they had the weak symptom, so they were very uncomfortable. Even Latvia could not hurt them badly with her axe.
Polly used the Martyrdom Hand at this moment, and she saved them again, she got rid of the weak symptoms of the two soldiers, and they could hit monsters now. They were killed finally.
We came across three monsters at the next corner again, and they also called us to put the inscription down. We had the experience, so we knew that we should interrupt and get rid of the weak symptom, and then it was easy to kill the monsters. We killed all of the monsters who were guarding the inscription, and then we returned to the previous village with much Guild Wars 2 gold.