A Potty Combination of Guild Wars 2

It was the Deep Rising, Santana also sent the Meteorite Shower in time, the four freelancers fell to the ground one by one, and then they could not put the traps, and they even could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold. Winnie also went to attack them when she saw they did not have block.

The four freelancers were killed by us finally, and now there were only four dead bodies on the ground. Their skills were Flame Trap, Thorns Trap, Dust Trap, Professionals-There, Troll Unguent, Healing Spring, Whirling Defense and Resurrection.

Though they had great ability of self-protection, but they could not remove the negative skills and symptoms.

The starting of the elite skill depended on the symptoms, if the enemy did not step on the trap, so the elite skill was useless, even if they had much Guild Wars 2 gold. These four freelancers were weaker than the former combinations.

“What about the challenge? What is your next combination?” After we walked out of the arena, I asked the tutor proudly. But as if he did not care my words, because he was looking at a mirror carefully.

In fact, the mirror was a screen, and the tutor could see the process of other challenges.

One of the teams was fighting with the trap combination, and everyone suffered many symptoms, all of them lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. After a while, they died.

The tutor saw the trap combination defeated many players, and then he was very happy, and he said: “I really don’t think that the worst combination is so great and powerful!”

I did not say a word, but I thought the players were really stupid. They knew there were traps in the front of them, but they still went to step on them. After they suffered the symptoms of the traps, they also did not remove them.

Of course, bleeding and burning would make the people lose ten point of life and some Guild Wars 2 gold, and they lost twenty point of blood in each second, it was nothing to a person who had much blood. The Dust Trap made a person get more than twenty point of earth damage in each second, and it was also not greater than fire element.

But if these two skills were used together, the person would lose more than forty point of blood in each second, and a person who was in full level had 480 point of blood, so he would fell to the ground after twelve seconds.