The Blocking Stance of the Necromancer

The more important thing was that the cooling time of the Dark Pact was very short, and it only had two seconds, so the enemy could use it continuously, and we hardly had time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

But the necromancer only used the Dark Pact once, and he did not use it again, because he lost 10% of his blood, so the skill was so powerful.

Though there were many blood-sucking skills in blood skills, but some of them could also bleed. These two sides were combined together, so the power of blood spell would be showed.

But Winnie was not killed, she even did not lose any cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, instead of, there was no function of other two skills, so Winnie could attack the necromancer with her hammer safely.

The necromancer found that the situation was bad to him, so there was red light on his body, we did not know what skill he used, and then Winnie’s hammer was blocked.

Simple blocking skill was stance, and the red light on the body of the necromancer was the function of blocking. But according to what I knew, the necromancer did not have the blocking stance, so it should be the skill of deputy profession.

It was the Distortion Illusion, its profession was Mesmer, its type was illusion, its attribute was stance, it could raise the blocking probability of the user, and the function would last for one to five seconds, but the user would lose two point of energy and some Guild Wars 2 gold when he used this skill once, it consumed five point of energy, the cooling time was five.

When the red light appeared again, we saw it clearly, and it was a blocking stance of illusions.

Blocking had great application in dealing with physical professions. The skills of stance did not need reading, and they were not afraid of being interrupted.

But most of the blocking stances had a disadvantage, it was that they had a long cooling time, and the lasting time was short. Of course, this enactment was reasonable. If a person used the block all the time, other people would die, no matter how much Guild Wars 2 gold the people had.

The Distortion Illusion also had short lasting time, but the cooling time was very short, it was only five seconds, so he could open the block all the time. But Winnie used her hammer to attack him, and then the necromancer lost much energy, when he had no energy, he would not use the Distortion Illusion.