The Last Combination of the Battle Guild

Twelve seconds were not long in a game, and killing a person in twelve seconds was not slow. Only a warrior or an assassin was possible to kill a person in ten seconds.

So we could not make a joke of the symptoms which were made by the traps. People should be patient when they fought with the freelancers. If people wanted to kill the freelancers quickly, it was impossible, even if they had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

When the tutor saw more and more teams passed the former contests, but they failed when they came across the trap combination, he laughed happily.

After a while, he said: “They are talent warriors, and they could defeat the other combinations of us, though they were defeated by the trap combination, and they lost much Guild Wars 2 gold, but they won’t fail forever, and I believe that they will overcome the difficulty, they will surpass themselves in confidence and strength.”

What he said was nice, but I thought that when some people defeated his trap combination later, he might cry. After a period of time, he saw us.

“Oh my god, you defeated the trap combination finally, it was so uneasy!”

“No, it was easy, and we got the win at the first time, and now we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Maybe he thought we consumed much time.

“Is that true? Congratulations to you!” He said quickly.

But it seemed that the tutor did not believe us, and he looked at us with doubtful eyes for a while, and then he said: “The next combination is our last one, and it is the strongest combination of us, it is the Mantra Legion.”

“Well, my mates, are you confident?”

“Yes!” Polly, Santana and Winnie answered me together.

The mantra meant the negative skills.

According to the former combinations, I thought that the members of the Mantra Legion should be four necromancers.

The negative skills of necromancer were very boring, because I played a necromancer by myself, so I knew it. But I thought their skills should be useless to spell profession. The gate was opened, after we added Guild Wars 2 gold, and then we walked into it.

Just when we got into the arena, I felt a little strange, they were not four necromancers, and they were one warrior, one freelancer, one necromancer and one Mesmer, they had four different professions. Why did they have such a combination? I did not know a warrior and a freelancer could have negative skills.