The Lair of the Monsters in Guild Wars 2

“Well, they are only a small part of the monsters, and there are four groups of such soldiers around the lair of hawk women, so please remove them with our skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” Rancor said, “Don’t worry, you should believe me, my healing ability is great, so your lives could be protected well.”
Sparta and his mates killed another four groups of monsters with the healing of Rancor, when they came to the edge of the cliff, and they saw a huge building, which looked like a yurt.
“This is the lair of the hawk women, we should destroy it.”
But suddenly a huge and strong hawk person ran out of the lair, and she looked like the BOSS, she should be the Mother of Hawk, and she should have much Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Oh my god, my children, why are you dead?” The BOSS said sadly, and she cried, and then she looked at us angrily, she said: “You killed my children, hateful human beings, I will kill you!”
“I also want to see you power.” Sparta said, and he did not think that the leader of the monsters was powerful, but he remembered a question suddenly, and then he asked Rancor: “You said that the hawk persons are women, but how could they produce offspring?”
“I don’t know, maybe they take the asexual reproductive, but I have an idea, some of them could turn to be men at special moment, after they finish the copulation, they turn to be women again.” Rancor said, and Sparta thought that he had too much imagination.
“What are you talking about? Go to die!” The leader of the monsters said, and it seemed that she was very angry. But even if she was powerful, she did not have any mate, and she only had the Guild Wars 2 gold. The Iron Dragon in level 10 was killed by Sparta, so they were not afraid of this leader.
They killed this leader easily, and then they had time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Well, we destroyed one lair, now there are still four lairs.” Rancor said.
“What do you mean? Are there still four lairs?” Sparta was scared, and he asked Rancor, he did not want to believe Rancor’s words.
“Yes, what’s wrong? Do you feel strange?” Rancor said, “This place falls into disuse for so long time, and the monsters are not stupid, it is impossible that there is only one lair. They consider this place as their country.”
“Yes, you are right.” The team moved on, and then they destroyed another lair again on the cliff.