The Death of the Monk in Guild Wars 2

The Arcane Reaping had another characteristic, it had fast starting speed, and it was only 0.75 seconds, and the cooling time was also very short, it was only 4 seconds, so it was useful for killing enemy.
The attacking of scythe should be high among the weapons, and the simple attacking equaled to the attacking skills of sword and axe. The monk of the hawk women was hit by the two great skills of scythe, so she lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold quickly, even if she could heal herself, but she could not add blood quickly.
Hadley thought that she would get the win soon, and then she smiled, even her scythe became colder, maybe she thought that she could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the Winter Sacking, and its profession was god caller, its type was specialization for scythe, its attribute was scythe attacking, when it hit the goal, it would give the goal 5 to 17 point of extra damage, if the goal had lower life value than the user, and then this skill would make all of the enemies nearby suffer 15 to 51 point of freeze damage, it consumed 10 point of energy, the cooling time was 10.
The damage of the Winter Sacking was divided into twice, 5 to 17 point of damage for the first time was not high, but 15 to 51 point of freeze damage for the second time was very high.
If a person wanted to use the Winter Sacking, the person must choose the goal that had lower life value and little Guild Wars 2 gold, Hadley had the Life Favor, so she had more blood than other people. Now the monk of hawk women was hurt heavily, and she did not have much blood, so the second damage appeared. After Hadley used the Winter Sacking, she added some simple attacking, and then the monk fell to the ground.
Hadley used the skills without halt, her movements were continuous. These skills happened in just a few seconds, the monk of the monsters had full blood before, but now she was a dead body.
Sparta was scared, because Hadley had so great ability, and Sparta thought that his spear was not strong, now he also did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold.
Each continent had a powerful person who could kill a person in one second, the first section had the warrior, and the second section had assassin. But there were still differences, the warrior depended on anger, the assassin depended on continuous skills, and the god caller depended on buff skills.