The Khulna Empire in Guild Wars 2

Before they set out, they got the buff skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold from the guard of Spear of Sun, so they got double experience and prestige value, now Sparta was in level 7.
The killing blessing was the special system of the third section, which could give the new players much convenience, so they could be in high level quickly. By contrast, the speed of upgrade in the first section was very slow.
“Well, now this cliff is safe, and we should go back and tell it to the mining engineer quickly.” Rancor said, and his meaning was that now there was no monster, so they could get mining workers.
After they came back to the Dawn Pit with much Guild Wars 2 gold, Bernard was very happy, but as if he suddenly thought something, and then he became very serious, he said: “Our digging is paid much attention by the government of Khulna, and Morgan of Khulna will come soon, he is the general, and he wants to see you.”
“Who are they?”
“Khulna is the continuation of old Iona Empire, and this continent was a unified empire before, even now, our Istanbul is not a real independent country, and it is protected by Khulna.” Rancor explained.
“What do you mean? I am only a resident of protectorate.” Sparta said, and he was very surprised, because he thought that he was inferior to others, it was lucky that he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold by himself.
The horoscope stage was on the west of the shrine for Spear of Sun, and it was also on the north of the Dawn Pit, this was a rendezvous for academic research, and the greatest and cleverest scholars in Istanbul were at here. This place was used for observing celestial movement before, people of Iona thought that the celestial movement could forecast future and human fortune, so it was called astrology.
But because the astrology related to the safety of country, so individual could not learn it, and all of the scholars for astrology belonged to country, their movements were paid attention by the supreme head of country. The country was the old Iona Empire on the Iona Continent, though this empire did not exist now, people of Khulna carried on the tradition.
The general Morgan was one of the most famous generals in Khulna, he was upright. They got many wins and much Guild Wars 2 gold under his guidance. It could be said that an army would get endless morale with his existence, and his enemy was very afraid of him.