The Lost Tower in Guild Wars 2

We came to the third floor, and then we felt it was more terrible than the second floor. The ground was full of the skeletons. As if these skeletons wanted to tell us that the Lost Tower was a dangerous place, we would die, even if we had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Oh my god, it is too terrible, I want to go back.” Polly shouted, and then she began to run away, suddenly, as if she stepped on something, and the ground was depressed.
“Be careful!” The ice empress shouted, and she called Polly to leave quickly.
“What is that?” Though Polly was afraid, but she was still calm, so she got out of danger quickly.
Just after Polly left, much hot lava fell off from the ceiling, if Polly was hit by it, she would die, and she even had no time to use the Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Be careful the ground, there is mechanism under the beautiful tiled floor.” The ice empress explained to us.
“I was scared just now, I nearly die.” Polly only did not want to step on the skeletons. But now she felt the skeletons were lovely, and the beautiful tiled floor was more terrible.
“We should walk along this road, though it is full of many skeletons, but it is safe.” The ice empress showed us a safe road; I thought we might buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
Suddenly we heard a loud voice, a monster appeared, it had ox head and human body, the monster stood up, and it had an axe in its hand, its eyes were red, it looked at us, as if we were its preys.
“What is that? Even if it is strong, I will also kill it.” Latvia said, only because the monster also had an axe.
The monster did not answer, it rushed to Latvia quickly.
The monster was stronger than Latvia, and it seemed that Latvia could not deal with it.
“You are a beast!” Latvia shouted, and then she waved her axe fast, her anger was full soon.
The monster lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold soon, it was a good chance, and we killed the monster together.
The monster was in level 22, but I thought it was not powerful; it was weaker than the monsters of the first floor. The dead body of the monster decayed quickly, and it became green and unsavory, we ran away quickly, because we did not know whether there was the epidemic.