The Environmental Effects of the Lost Tower

“It is only a soldier monster, and it doesn’t have special skill, it also doesn’t have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, it is easy to deal with it.” The ice empress said to us, I thought she has been here before, so she knew the environment well.
“Don’t be afraid of the level of the monsters here, in the Lost Tower, all of you are in level 20, and this monster is not so powerful.” The ice empress added. After we looked at it carefully, and then we found that what the ice empress said was right.
There were the environmental effects in many instances, but most environmental effects were not good.
Such as the wild instance of the Treasure Planet Island, people had lower level in it, even people could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold at any time, so I felt the environmental effects of the Lost Tower was good.
Though we were in level 20 now, and the monster was in level 24, but it still in a higher level, we should be careful. It was obvious that the monster had greater ability of defense and attack. I found that they moved by group as all of the monsters in Guild Wars 2. We faced three monsters at the same time.
It was a skill of monster, the monster jumped, and they came to the front of us easily. The monsters were soldiers, but they could use the skill of assassin, I felt it was a little strange. The ice empress said that the monsters did not have special skills, but what was the skill?
We killed the three monsters with only some Guild Wars 2 gold easily, but three green monsters appeared, and they also looked like the hedgehog.
“They can cast poison, be careful!” The ice empress reminded us.
It was true, people who were attacked by the monsters were poisoned, and Polly had no enough time to save them.
Though we killed them finally, but we also lost some blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.
“The first floor is not difficult, we should walk along the road, and then we will see the crossing of the second floor.” The ice empress said easily, because there were more than twenty monsters on the way to the crossing of the second floor, if we were not careful, we would be killed by the monsters.
Dakar drew out a group of the monsters, there were one black monster and two green monsters, and then we killed them together.