Resurrecting the Ice Empress in Guild Wars 2

We put on our clothes, and we turned to be serious, I asked the ice empress: “What’s your friend’s name? Where is he?”
“He is Baroque, and he is in the Lost Tower.” The voice of the ice empress was so weak; it seemed that she was tired now, and I did not know whether Baroque had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold now.
I remembered that the Lost Tower was in the Ice Valley, there were many strong monsters in it, and people who were not in level 80 could not get into the tower.
The Lost Tower was divided into eight levels, and Baroque was in the eighth level.
Was he the centaur? But he was more terrible than the centaur.
“It is only his name, though he had much Guild Wars 2 gold, he is not real demon.” The ice empress said to me.
“I thought he was in the tower voluntarily before.”
“He is put in jail, the White Mantle made many inhibitions.”
“Why did the White Mantle do this? Both of them are the ultimate BOSS in the game.”
“Because Baroque was not willing to cooperate with the White Mantle, he did not want to kill the innocent chosen persons.”
“Is that true?” I did not think a demon could be so kind, I doubted whether the ice empress’s words were true.
“Yes, it is true; in fact, I am not willing to listen to the White Mantle, though he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me, but……” The ice empress said, and then she began to cry, as if she wanted to say: “I am not a bad woman, but I have no way.”
I was afraid of woman’s crying; especially I made love with her just now. Even if I did not believe her words just now, I forgot my worry now.
I remembered Zaria, I considered her as my younger sister before, but I found that maybe I liked her recently, I did not know what she would do if she knew the ice empress, would she be angry with me?
“Yes, I know, I will help you to save Baroque with my skills and Guild Wars 2 gold, and then let’s kill the White Mantle together.” I said to the ice empress, I also became excited.
“How could we get to the Lost Tower? There are only you and I.” I found that the problem was not so easy suddenly. I should think about it carefully.
“The Lost Tower is not far away from here, it is on the Shiver peak, but it is a closet map. You could call your mates to go with us, I know they have good skills, and they also have rich combat experience, it should be easy to deal with the monsters in the tower for them.” The ice empress said to me.
“I tell my mates, but what about you? Will they believe you?”
“It doesn’t matter, now I am dead, and I have no skill and Guild Wars 2 gold. You could resurrect me with your special skill, and then I will be your hero wraith.”
Oh my god, could I use the skill of controlling hero wraith like this? How much Guild Wars 2 gold will it consume? Though I resurrected the enemy with this skill before, and the person was Hansen, but that situation was different.
“Hurry up! What are you thinking about?” The ice empress said, and it seemed that she was too impatient to wait.
“But…… but I could not see you again.” I felt a little unhappy.
“You are a fool, if you want to see me, you could call me out.” The ice empress said, and I felt that her smiled was so sweet.