A Natural Ice Cave in Guild Wars 2

According to the truth, the trebuchet was the strongest weapon of the dwarves; so many dwarves should protect it. But we only saw an engineer and some soldiers, and they even did not have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, so I thought it was easy to kill them.
Was it going to be the trap?
I was right, just we began to hit the engineer of the dwarves, a stone gate opened automatically, and then a group of dwarves of the Stone Summit came out, there was a dwarf who took axe, and it seemed that he was the leader.

All of the dwarves were simple, and they had no elite skills. I thought we could deal with them.
“Go to kill the monk first!” The leader of the dwarves was clever, he saw there was only Polly could add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold in our team, so he knew that they should kill her first.
“Do you want to kill me? It is not so easy!” Polly lost half blood soon, but she added it with the Word of Healing again.
“You play the axe in the front of me, and I will show my power to you!” Latvia said.

We killed the dwarves of the Stone Summit at the first place, and we destroyed the trebuchet successfully, I saw the prince and the refugees passed smoothly.
“Thank you, Dylan, Ascalon will remember you forever, and we will buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you later.” The prince came and said to me.
“I am not the only warrior, there are still my mates.” I said.
“Yes, Ascalon will also thank you, my warriors.” The prince said to them.
“Let’s go quickly, prince, I regret a little to follow you, I really want to kill the dwarves.” Samaria complained.
“Don’t say more, Samaria, how could you talk to the prince like this?” Mahon said to Samaria quietly.

“It does not matter, our prince is a civilian prince, he is kind, is it right? Rurik?” Dwayna said, as if she could even use the Guild Wars 2 gold of the prince.
“Yes, you are my good friends, and you are good children of Ascalon. Let’s move on, or else the refugees will be cold.” The prince and others moved on.
The position of the second trebuchet was seemed to be a secret, it was obstructed by a mountain, we walked for a long time, and then we saw it finally.

Of course, we came across many dwarves of the Stone Summit and their ice puppet.
We got rid of the second fortified point smoothly, we added some Guild Wars 2 gold, and the prince and the refugees took a small step again. There was no way in the front, there was only a natural ice cave, and it was very big. Maybe there would be some terrible monsters in such big ice cave.
We walked slowly, all of us were very careful. Just when we got into the ice cave, two huge monsters appeared, they looked like human beings, but they had two heads. They were very strong.

The monsters were in level 24, we were only in level 15.
But they did not have strong skills and much Guild Wars 2 gold, so we killed them easily.
We moved on in the ice cave, after I looked over, I was scared, there were so many spiders. We fought with the spiders in the chief line of the Borlis Pass before, if there were three spiders, we could deal with them, but now there were so many of them.
I thought that these spiders should not be in a team, I found that each team had two or three spiders slowly, so we should kill them one by one.