Guild Wars 2: Our Failure in the Shiver Peak

Now Winnie was weak, so she could not deal with Latvia.
Jacobi used the Evil Wraith Possess; it was the best elite skill of him. When I played necromancer in the game before, I knew the elite skills of necromancer well. I used this skill before, but I used it to hit monster.
I did not think it was powerful, but Winnie lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold quickly. Polly saved her. At this moment, Jacobi used it to hit Polly again, and then all of us lost some blood.
Now I knew this skill could be used like this.
The cooling time was short, I did not have good skill and much Guild Wars 2 gold to deal with the evil wraith, and the skill of Polly could only get rid of one.
Adele interrupted the third evil wraith of Jacobi; we were out of danger temporarily. Though the evil wraith was good, but the cast time was two seconds, so it was easy to be interrupted, and after it was interrupted, it would also consume the blue.
Jacobi did not smile now, he was dispirited. We must beat back now. Adele got the Melandru Arrow ready, and then the blood of the enemies became pink.
The monk of the enemies was going to die, Winnie knew it certainly, so she did not attack Latvia, and she went to hit Marina. Of course, Latvia caught up with Winnie.
It was the Blessing of Prayer; Marina used such low skill to add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold for herself unexpectedly. But I was surprised soon, because she got more than half blood, she was out of danger now. The Blessing of Prayer consumed only five points of blue, and its cooling time was two seconds, so she could use it once more easily. After a while, she got full blood.
“She has the Belief Aureole.” Polly was a monk, she knew what happened.
I remembered that when I fought with the monk of the centaurs before, I used it.
Just when I used it, Winnie died. Polly even had no time to add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold for her.
Now we shortened a person, and the position Winnie died was too forward, it was difficult to save her, so we failed at last.
“Sorry, Winnie, it is my fault, I did not care you well.” Polly said to Winnie.
“No, it was not your fault; I rushed to them too early, so I was attacked by Dakar.” Winnie said.
“Both of you are not wrong, it is important that the skills of the enemies are really good.” What Adele said was right, in fact, when Winnie was attacked by the arrow, we should know that we would fail, even if we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold early.
I thought it was my fault, I played the necromancer for so long time, I never knew that I could use the evil wraith, if I took it before the battle began, maybe we would not fail.
Suddenly I remembered that there were a few elite books of necromancer in my wareroom, so I got them quickly.
We stayed at the outside of the arena for a long time, and then we saw the enemies.
“Elder sister, we got the ten-time-champ, and we got much Guild Wars 2 gold, give us your congratulations!” Dakar said to Adele, he wanted to show his power, as if he was a naughty boy.
“Well, congratulations to you, I was failed this time.” Adele had tolerance; it seemed that she did not care the result of the battle.
“Sister, your skill of Melandru Arrow is powerful.” Dakar said to Adele, in fact, Marina was nearly killed by Adele just now.