Looking for the Ice Dragon Beast in Guild War

I knew his meaning, he wanted us to kill a small dragon, I saw many strong monsters in Guild Wars 2, I killed all of them, and I got much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, so I thought it was easy.
I picked up the dynamite, and then I put it in the front of the snowdrift, after it exploded, the ice dragon beast did not appear, but a group of spiders appeared.
The spiders had ghastly skin and slender bodies. I did not know what kind of monster it was, was it the elementalist?
It was the Suffering, its profession was necromancer, and it was negative magic, suddenly our blood became purple.
Though Polly could get rid of the skill, but she could only save one person, and the rest five persons would be also painful. So we had no method, we had to go on fighting with the spiders with our little Guild Wars 2 gold.
As we expected, the enemies had other negative skills actually, and Adele moved very slowly.
At this moment, one of the spiders used a strong skill, Polly got hurt, and it seemed that the spiders were not stupid; they knew that they should kill our healer first.
Polly lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, we were also weak now, if we did not kill these spiders quickly, we would die.
Polly used a skill of adding blood for groups, though all of us nearly got full blood, but this skill consumed much energy, and Polly did not have enough energy, so she would not use the skill all the time.
The spiders used two negative skills, including an elite skill; I thought they wanted to kill Polly.
It was lucky that we had Mahon; he made Polly out of danger. At this moment, Santana and Samaria killed the spiders with fire and Guild Wars 2 gold.
We got the win, but we did not have full blood, if we moved slowly, we might die, and the spiders would not fail.
After we got into the ice cave, there were many spiders again; our two elementalists burned them with fire quickly. We still did not see the ice dragon beast; I did not know whether we walked to the wrong direction.
“Who is there? You disturb my sleeping.” A big lizard was on the snowfield, it was red.
“Are you the ice dragon beast?” I did not think it was a dragon, it did not have the wing and the horns, and it only liked a big gecko.
“Yes, I am the famous ice dragon beast; I am the strongest man on the Shiver peak. You are scurvy human beings, I won’t forgive you!” The monster said angrily. It seemed that it considered itself to be the real dragon.
“Great ice dragon beast, I did not mean it. Lonoke called me to get into this ice cave; he cheated me that he would buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me.” I said.
“It is him again! He thinks he could seal me with a little snow, he is too stupid, I am just tired, and I don’t want to get out.” But I thought it was foolish.
“Yes, you are right, he is really a shit.” I said.
“I am glad, so I will give you a whole dead body, you won’t be painful.” The ice dragon beast said, and then it smiled.
“Will you kill me?”
“Yes, don’t blame me; all of people will go to die if they disturb my sleeping, so you must die.” Before I spoke, it began to attack me with its skill and Guild Wars 2 gold.
Since it liked sleeping, I would let it die, I thought it should be an elementalist, because a dragon was good at using magic, and the ice dragon should be good at using the skills of water.