Guild Wars 2 Class balance

The great thing is that even the standard classes, such as the Elementalist and

Warrior can all still a bit more than in other MMOs. Or have you ever seen a warrior

running around in WoW with arch that really had something on it, or a Erdmagier? So

what did not exist and that’s what makes the standard classes quite interesting.

“Let it be!” Was the first warning I got when I tried to write about the topic. So

brave can only be a hero, may he rest in peace, I was zugewispert by women. And I

decided nevertheless to write my opinion on the class balance in Guild Wars 2.

Well-considered choice of class
Guild Wars 2 Image
Yes, I know that this is always a very sensitive issue which we would like to address

prefer not, especially as the Flame-anger of some people knows no bounds when her

favorite class denigrates. Why I decided for an article, I will tell you now.

Generally, I like the class election that ArenaNet has made for Guild Wars 2, very

good. It has some standard classes on board, which we know from other MMOs, and a few

exotics like the Mesmer, or engineering.

The first look at the classes

Now, a few weeks have passed since the release, and you can make yourself a fairly

good idea of ??the classes. I am still of the opinion that the balance between the

classes is relatively good. Of course there are a few exceptions here and there.

But Arena Net seems to be aware of these problems, as you can see the patch notes

from 7/10/12, because there were some issues, such as the modified pistol whip the

thief who has been reduced to 15% of its damage, and some cooldowns when Mesmer were


Some classes overpowering?

In English as well as the German forums, the situation is of course much more

dramatic feel. Some classes like the Guardian are e.g. According to some people in

the forum “unbreakable”. That this is not the point, again and again videos of

battles against guards on YouTube.

I guess now just that a class is considered to be strong if it occurs in masses. But

this is somewhat misleading, for in that they exaggerate his characters for PvP for

example does not have full and equal can get started, there are of course a lot of

Guild Wars 2 gold players who want to test the purported class as strong then. So

there are more people playing anyway as the overplayed class. And that brings us then

again to the upper point is that some people get the impression that much played

classes just have to be strong. Thus a vicious circle.

I now understand you wrong, of course, there are classes that certainly need some

revisions. But I also think that the classes are already well adapted. When I think

back because other games, Arena Net is here certainly in the right direction.

How do you feel about the whole class issue? You see some classes to be overpowering,

or do you feel it as a relatively balanced?