Guild Wars 2 Trahearne a bit contrived?

Fahrar Cub:In Sylvari storyline its really natural, you meet him early on a do some

missions with him. Pale tree herself chooses him to lead and you even go with him to

dream of Orr were you see future him leading an army.

Asuran Acolyte:First you’re the new and elite hot shot of your corresponding order,

but eventually you meet up with Trahearne, a Sylvari scholar who is greatly respected

for his knowledge but not even close for his lack of combat skills (which I guess he

develops over time after meeting you)…
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The thing I don’t get his how he arbitrarily appoints himself in charge of the new

“trinity” order, literally self-proclaims himself the Marshal, and you as second in

command. It seems like his character went from timid/shy and somewhat conservative

scholar, to a war hero – experienced leader of nations.

I just feel like his character got warped a little bit, when you first meet him you

don’t think “Oh yeah, he’s going to be the one”. If anything you’d think it’d


I don’t know, maybe I’m over thinking it, it just personally bothers me (lore-wise)

how he is literally completely self-proclaimed, and never struck me nor was meant to

strike anyone as a combat-ready and battle hardened “Marshal” ready to lead the races

to freedom from Zhaitan.

Asuran Acolyte:Well, he’s told by the Pale Tree that he will have to be the one to

lead the Pact and being a Sylvari will do whatever it is the Pale Tree says. That and

your character tells him he should be the leader since no other Order member should

be in charge of them all.

Pale Tree Seedling:I agree that when Trahearne, who had largely no big

accomplishments that I knew of, who I was told had large amounts of knowledge and was

respected by the three orders, was going to lead the alliance, I was rather put off.

I mean, who was this guy? All I knew was that he was doing the same thing I was

telling the guards that an attack was coming, and that my npc buddy apparently knew

who he was.

And then he was largely useless in combat. He had no useful insights to offer

anytime, and he did little to nothing when my npc buddy did his whole heroic thing.

Yeah, we needed a guy who wasn’t affiliated with any of the orders, but Trahearne?

Who, as a human, I hadn’t even heard or before? Who had a reputation as a scholar

(and by his own acknowledgement later had been running away from fighting by burying

himself in studying), and had no reputation as a leader? I dunno, I just didn’t buy

into him at all.

If I wasn’t going to be leader as the gw2 gold player character, I would’ve expected

some other big name to step in. Maybe one of Destiny’s Edge. Or one of the Lion

Guard. But not some no-name that I barely met a moment ago. And especially not since

it seems like I’m making most of the big decisions anyways.

Maybe it’s better as a Sylvari, I wouldn’t know since my Sylvari is still level 2.

But as a human at least, Trahearne just didn’t sit well with me.

Asuran Acolyte:Thats still not much of a resume for why he should be leader. Coming

from a different race (Human) where I have little contact with him before… seems

odd. Just shared the Orr vision with him, and seeing as besides him giving his speech

you lead the way through the entire area. Seems more like a self fulfilling prophecy

(I see him lead in the future I must make him leader for it to happen)

Asuran Acolyte:I agree that the story telling could’ve be done better(the Master of

Whispers identity reveal was atrociously bad, but had promise had they done it

right). The character itself I can *see* what they were trying to get at. The timid

type who can summon a lot of courage, more than he himself knows. This is a very

common and likeable hero in all our media.

Only… they didn’t show us any of that. You’re right. He went from useless NPC

informant to leader. I don’t know. I definitely think they could’ve worked on that.

Plus, the bond between you two. When he appointed me second in command I couldn’t see


But… We expect a little too much. Compared to other MMO’s, the story telling is

pretty good. I guess if we wanted an engaging personal storyline we really should be

playing those singleplayer gw2 gold games