Final Fantasy XIV: Welcome to Eorzea

Along the way have been several hiccups, but millions of Final Fantasy XIV players will jump Eorzea Square Enix ‘s

online game restarted until today.

Many people will be recorded or accessed from the early revel in a lush vast new world , the rest of the record. It

is always in one day to see what’s on offer exciting jump into an MMO, but in the end what is FFXIV you bring to

the table ?


First, and perhaps most importantly , many fledgling gaming problem is a lack of community . From the response to

our new website XIVwiki and XIVDB, is obviously a passionate community has camped . It is unlikely that you will

hit empty when you log server.

Although we will in the next week once hehe RAGAR generation of a proper in-depth review , he had enough playing

time under his belt FFXIV My first impression is an old classmate, a wider world and rich ornate MMO content is a

very special final Fantasy flavor. FFXIV Although there is a very clear and modern engines, there is a very

nostalgic feel, I feel very cute game and the world.

I hope to ease server issues, the game has been plagued in recent days has been enough to make everyone’s

experience enjoyable.

FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has marked the launch of the latest production of the letter . Yoshi – P

later, looking back on the development of FFXIV 1.0 and has promised more to :

” Similarly , the release is just our first step , but still so much that we want to do with a lot of planning

an orderly manner , we are working to ensure that your amazing story is impossible to achieve with the release of

the realm reborn we look forward to continuing to do the impossible , our fans together to build an online

experience, we are proud to part . ”

FINAL FANTASY franchise all the features , including the genre -leading graphics and real-time cut scenes ,

beautiful music, and immersive story experience
Band together with your friends to create guild -like “free” story -driven adventure game
High level of detail and image quality are in the PlayStation ® 3 system through the new graphics engine and

Windows PC
Flexible class system that allows players by simply changing their equipped weapon or tool on the fly 19

different categories of any change. Players can also unlock nine different jobs because they advance levels .
New needs classic FINAL FANTASY elements, such as “herbal” and “limit break ” system first appeared in Final

Fantasy VII
For the growth of the player ‘s character leveling – including the type of task , the main story missions ,

fast action ” Guildleves Guildhests diverse choice” acts as the active player can solve alone or with friends, and

exciting . ” example “Demon” looking for raid huge treasure
All Activity Activity ( Destiny ) – The unique dynamic open world fighting and adventure activities , making

with other players
Personal companion for players to ride a chocobo , and fought in the battle