Final Fantasy XIV: a realm of rebirth first impression

So, I managed to get a little bit of time, Square Enix’s remake, redo, innovation Final Fantasy XIV, appropriately renamed rebirth represents a network game, you must die and come back phoenix-like resurrection and rebirth of the realm to redeem their name. Unfortunately, not everything is reincarnated into something great, even if it is better than it was before.Here to supply Buy ff14 gil

Square Enix company has been entangled some of our hands-on time with their reborn prodigal return MMO aimed at the root of success, and build a strong community, the series was once known. We finally gave up that month or so freely, is enough to give some impression of the game, but warned that the actual review is impossible.

So I put MMO scapegoat this task, only through newbdom some free time, journey, if Final Fantasy XIV redemption is legitimate, or if it’s just fluff hype machine.

I can honestly say that heading into the game for the entire presentation sexy that you would expect from a traditional Final Fantasy game. Unquestionable prelude by the famous composer Nobuo Uematsu, welcomed the new and old players are in the start screen, “Final Fantasy” sign looms in the short menu of options following a long and high. I’m very, very, very first impression of the game is “it feels like” Final Fantasy. ”

Now only a brief description: I’m old school, I love the old school Final Fantasy. I’ve never played Final Fantasy XI and is still my favorite in the entire series of Final Fantasy VI. I lost a lot of interest in the series Final Fantasy VIII, I was more than thrilled with everything in between X and XIII of the time, although I admit that the twelfth was not too bad. With all that said, I’m not heading into the Final Fantasy XIV series a complete white.

Although I am looking for a few things: Graphics should be great. Create a character should be noteworthy. Pay atmosphere suitable for play, subscription-based MMO game quality.