This monster is common in MC.

The ‘Fractals of the Mist’ dungeon is a result of all the lessons ArenaNet has learned from developing the game’s initial dungeon offerings as well as the feedback they’ve received from players on dungeon content since launch. Players will enter the Fractals of the Mist dungeon via a central hub that will feature an assortment of amenities such as repair NPCs and other merchants. Once players have gathered their party members, they will be launched into one of the nine ‘fractals’ that will be randomly selected for each group.

Each fractal’s experience will be similar to that of the various mini-dungeons littered throughout the open world of Guild Wars 2. These fractals will feature a variety of challenges, puzzles, and boss fights, with an emphasis placed on use of the environment. Player

Once players return to town, future entries into the dungeon will scale to become harder than the last. The amount of enemies players will face will increase as will their health and damage, for example. Of course, you can also expect commensurate rewards for completing harder versions of the dungeon.

Speaking of rewards, the Fractals of the Mist Dungeon will introduce the new ‘Ascended’ item type. This type is a bit more powerful than the Exotic quality items currently found in the game. There will only be a couple of Ascended quality items available initially, but some of the rarer Ascended items will also feature a new Infusion slot that will make players even more powerful so that they can tackle new challenges that ArenaNet plans to throw at them as they continue to expand on the dungeon over the coming months and years.


The background of Annihilator: This monster is common in MC. You will see early .It like to attack the main objective. But it is difficult to kill anyone because the attack time of each target is too short. It will static refresh every 150 minutes. This monster can be deported. Background of Glider: This is a very interesting monster and it has a very interesting attack methods. You can see this monster glides very fast. It refreshed every 28 minutes, which belongs to one of the monsters which can fast refresh. You do not know how to stop them refresh. But this monster also can be deported. Annihilator attacks: a simple ordinary attack can cause 600 to 800 damage for the tank. Confusion hatred can attack randomly the members.

Attacks of glider: the basic attack will cause damage for tank. It will select the second target and quickly glide toward the target. It attacks anyone around it and its targets to cause 800-1000 damage. Annihilator strategy: You need to ensure the soldiers continue to attract the hatred .In general, it is seldom run away or attack the caster from time to time. Even if it did so, it will soon lose interest in favor and turn to attacking other people. Glider strategy: You can time the monster, in order to grasp whether they will be refreshed at a location nearby. It is not so bad, because they can be expelled by warlocks. You should spread out to knock down it. There will be very few people died in the battle with it, but consuming Mana.Elemental Invasion Survival Kit