Season 3 Diablo 4: Mastering Malphas & The Vault

Diablo 4’s Season 3 is set to bring exciting new content, including the much-anticipated Vault dungeons and the formidable new endgame boss, Malphas. Let’s dive into what these additions mean for players and explore the unique challenges and rewards they offer.

Season 3 Diablo 4: Mastering Malphas & The Vault

The Vault: A Seasonal Theme Dungeon

Designed by the enigmatic Zoltun Kulle, the Vault is the new seasonal theme dungeon in Diablo 4. It is filled with a variety of traps, including flamethrowers and ground effects, reminiscent of the challenges in Path of Exile’s lab. The objective is to navigate these hazards while retaining as many stacks of a special buff as possible, which directly influences the rewards players can earn at the end of the dungeon.

Pearls of Warning and Rewards

As players progress through the game, they can collect Pearls of Warning to increase their stacks, enhancing their rewards from the Vault. This system, combined with the option to buy Diablo 4 items, introduces a strategic element to dungeon runs, encouraging skillful play to maximize rewards.

Malphas: A New Endgame Challenge

The new boss, Malphas, presents a significant challenge for players. This stationary boss is situated in a large arena, surrounded by various traps and environmental hazards. Players must dodge attacks like soul blades and ground squares while battling Malphas, adding a dynamic layer to the fight.

The Echo of Malphas and Unique Tuning Stones

Defeating Malphas, or the Echo of Malphas, is key to unlocking special tuning stones for players’ pets. These stones, such as the rare Ever Knight and Genesis, offer powerful buffs and are integral to enhancing your character’s abilities. Each stone has unique properties, with the rarer ones being more challenging to acquire.

Difficulty Levels and Rewards

Players can craft Vault Keys, or Sigils, to access higher difficulty levels within the Vault, offering both increased challenge and more significant rewards. Successful navigation and boss defeat in these higher levels grants access to special chests containing valuable loot, including unique tuning stones.

The Future of Diablo 4’s Content

The introduction of the Vault and Malphas represents a potential shift in Diablo 4’s content, adding permanent, engaging features to the game. The effort put into these new additions is evident, and they promise to offer fresh gameplay experiences for both new and seasoned players.


Season 3 of Diablo 4 is shaping up to be an exciting time for the community, with the Vault and Malphas adding depth and challenge to the game. As players eagerly await to try out these new features, the anticipation for what lies ahead in Diablo 4 continues to grow. Stay tuned for more updates as we explore the new season’s offerings and share insights on the evolving gameplay experience.