Monopoly GO: Expert Multiplier Strategies

In Monopoly, the Dice Multiplier Feature is a massive boost to your rewards, You could hit big if you knew how to manipulate the dice multiplier which will improve your earnings by far beyond their current levels. So in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Monopoly Go’s roll multipliers to help you use them for your benefit and win more.

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What is Monopoly GO Dice Multiplier?

Monopoly Go roll multipliers are bets that can help tycoons get incredible rewards. They consume more dice rolls but help you earn rewards in proportion to the roll multiplier. In other words, the xl0 roll multiplier during any event, the rewards you earn will be multiplied by this factor, as will the number of dice rolls you have to forgo.

How to Activate the Monopoly Go Dice Multiplier?

Find the dice multiplier button next to ‘GO’ button at the bottom of the screen. The present level of multiplier shows on it which starts at x1. Press this button to raise your multiplier up to your maximum limit which could be as much as 100x. The higher multipliers require more Monopoly Go dice per turn but also result in greater rewards.

Remember that multipliers are finite so use them wisely lest you run out at critical times! Always switch back to lower multipliers such as 1x after making strategic plays to avoid spending Monopoly Go dice carelessly next turn.

Which Rewards and Board Tiles Are Affected By Dice Multiplier?

The following board tiles and rewards are influenced by the dice multiplier in Monopoly Go:

GO Tile
Pickup Tiles during Events
Rent Tiles
Railroad Tiles: Consists of shutdowns and bank heists rewards (includes Mega Heists).
Quick Wins Missions
All Objective Tiles: Community Chests, Chance Cards, and Corner Tiles during Tournaments.

When to Use Monopoly Go High Multipliers?

The roll multiplier multiplies your rewards for crossing the “GO” tile. Therefore, use them whenever you are close to crossing the tile.
Increase your multiplier (e.g., 200x) when you are close to completing a set or objective.
Apply a higher multiplier if you are aiming for a specific spot that could yield significant benefits, such as a set of Bells or a Railroad.
If you are nearing the top in a tournament, make use of well-timed high multipliers so as to secure your lead.

When to Hold Back Monopoly Go Multipliers?

Avoid high multipliers if bankruptcy is imminent since gains may not outweigh losses.
Do not waste multipliers when there are no advantageous positions to land on.
When you are nearing victory in tournaments/objectives save your multipliers because they may no longer be important.
It is harder to land on the corner tiles. Therefore, try not to use the roll multipliers while participating in events that only reward you for landing on the corner tiles of the board.

Our article ends here. We hope you find the above tips to master Monopoly Go Dice Multiplier useful, and if you know any that we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments.