Enhance Diablo 4: Wishlist for Improved Gameplay

As Diablo 4 continues evolving, players constantly seek improvements to enhance their gaming experience. This article presents a detailed wishlist, highlighting key areas for potential enhancements in Diablo 4. The focus is on creating a more balanced, engaging, and user-friendly environment for solo and multiplayer gamers.

Enhance Diablo 4: Wishlist for Improved Gameplay

Instances and Dungeons

Instances and dungeons are core components of Diablo 4’s gameplay, and there are several areas where improvements can significantly enhance the experience.

A) Fixing Snapshot Exploits: Addressing snapshot exploits is crucial for fair gameplay. It’s encouraging to see this issue likely being addressed in upcoming updates.

B) Gear and Spec Lock-in: To prevent excessive gear swapping and potential automation via third-party software, it’s proposed to lock gear and specs once a player enters an instance. This change would be particularly relevant for timed challenges like AoZ and upcoming gauntlet leaderboards.

C) Combat Engagement and Instance Joining: Restricting players from joining an instance once combat has commenced is essential. This prevents the exploitation of mechanics like Glyph xp and maintains the integrity of plans like AoZ. Additionally, reassessing group exp bonuses could lead to a more balanced experience for all players.

Third-Party Websites

The reliance on third-party websites for basic gameplay elements can detract from the game’s immersive experience.

A) Visibility of Chests During Helltides: Making all chests visible during Helltides and similar seasonal mechanics would enhance gameplay without resorting to external sites.

B) Implementing an Auction House: An Auction House with limitations on item postings and maximum sell values would streamline trading, stabilize the economy, and potentially reduce real-money trading (RMT) and duping issues.

C) Disabling Character Trading: With the Auction House, turning off direct character trading could further reduce RMT and enhance account safety. A reassessment of enchantment costs may also be necessary to accommodate these changes.

Inventory Management

Improving inventory management can significantly enhance the player experience.

A) Codex Storage for Aspects: Allowing aspects to be stored in a Codex would streamline inventory management.

B) Implementing a Loot Filter: A loot filter would help players manage their inventory more efficiently, focusing on D4 items for sale relevant to their build and playstyle.

C) Equitable Loot Distribution: Adjusting the loot distribution mechanics to be more equitable for solo and group players is essential. This could involve adjusting drop rates based on the number of players or materials used in summoning bosses.

Discussion on Specific Points

  1. Weapon and Aspect Swapping: While some argue against removing this feature, it’s important to consider the balance between ease of use for console players and the potential for gear/spec swapping to become a norm in timed challenges.
  2. Group Play Dynamics: The proposed changes aim to balance the benefits of group play without disadvantaging solo players. Players can choose their preferred play style without feeling penalized by ensuring equitable distribution and total loot quantity.
  3. Defensive Aspects and Class Balance: Addressing issues around defensive aspects like ‘Disobedience’ is critical. Ensuring players achieve sufficient tankiness without over-reliance on specific aspects or uniques is essential for class balance and gameplay diversity.


As Diablo 4 progresses, addressing these wishlist items could significantly improve the gaming experience for a diverse player base. Diablo 4 can continue to thrive as a leading title in the action RPG genre by focusing on fair play, streamlined gameplay mechanics, and balanced class dynamics.