D3 difficulty guide

Normal (Level 1-30) – the Normal difficulty is the easiest of theavailable difficulties. In Normal, the player is not debuffed and the monstersare not buffed, making it the basic difficulty type in Diablo. It allows theplayers to gradually familiarize themselves with the character’s subsequentskills.

Nightmare (level 31-50) – Nightmare is the difficulty level following Normal.Although you will have the creatures with the same appearance and the samequests as in Normal, they will be much harder and a few might use more spells.Furthermore, while in Normal difficulty dying loses your gold, in Nightmare youwill also lose experience. The enemies are more resistant to our attacks and atthe same time can deal us a bit more damage. So testing new skills andcollecting more powerful equipment according to the same rules.

Hell (level 50-60) – Hell is the third difficulty level, followingNightmare in Diablo 2. Although you will have the creatures with the sameappearance and the same quests as in Normal and Nightmare, they will be muchharder and a few might use more spells. It’s high time to review all acquiredskills and bet on those with the highest effectiveness instead ofattractiveness.

Inferno(level 60) – Inferno is the fourth, final andhardest Difficulty in Diablo 3. It’s available only to those who have finishedHell and reached level 60. It’s on Inferno that you can find the most powerfulequipment available in the game, which makes the whole play much more bearable.

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Diablo 3 features four levels of difficultythat will progressively challenge players. While the adventure restarts fromthe beginning, the enemies become more challenging to defeat and have thepotential to drop better rewards. As you progress in difficulty not only willthe monsters become significantly harder to defeat, but the loot earned fromdrops will improve as well. So players will need to tackle the hardestdifficulty settings to have a chance to outfit their characters with evenbetter items.