Guild wars 2 auction house to earn the basics

Black Lion Trading Guild Wars 2 is the hub of the economy, through which you can get a steady stream of opportunities through which we can also sell their products to all citizens of Tyria. So you want you take the time to research, the auction house is definitely a high-return areas. There is also a foreign players to share their experiences of the auction, we hope to inspire.

When you publish an article after the transaction, TP may charge you a 5% tax, this cost is not refundable, even if you do not sell your items out, he will still be deducted from its raison d’être is to let people Malicious uncontrolled trade occupies the position.

When one of your items sell out, the Council imposed a 10% tax. This fee is for items sold later, so if your item does not sell out, this coin is not deductible. Price suppression, price your items is slightly lower than the minimum price, so you Gw2 gold  can make your goods more attractive to avoid the queues and buy the note, which is usually lower than the minimum price and 1 bronze. First you should in the fierce competition in this way are treated with caution, because if a lot of people together this way, he can quickly make the price collapse.