Guild wars 2 PVP map Skyhammer

Guild wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds increased the PVP map – Skyhammer, three for this map point and a super weapon, and control the main points of the super weapons is turn. If you want to choose three key words to describe Skyhammer map: buckling deformation of terrain, falls and shelling.

Buckling deformation of the terrain
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Ji temple wind map, similar Skyhammer map is more than just a flat map, it has a certain number of vertical level, are connected by a dance mat in the middle. In the following screenshot you can see there are at least three levels.

Players are free to move between these levels, through the distribution of springboard on the map. This will allow combat into another dimension, make the player can jump down or escape from rivals.


In the vertical level, has some special glass floor. They will be crushed between 2-3 seconds, when the players stand on them. This means that you can seduce your opponent to the glass on the floor, if they are stupid enough with you, they may be dashed. Also if you against multiple enemies and in trouble, you can try to quickly through the glass floor, to cut off their chase.

The cannon

The naming of the map is a sura sky hammer of weapons for the subject. This is a huge cannon, players can manipulate it, you can hit the most area on a map. Each CD of shells have 6 seconds, roughly 10000 damage and knock down enemies for 2 seconds.

You can access the the asuras portal in the middle of the map, the door can take you to a have a controller and multiple glass floor room. Here you can control the guns of the enemy troops below caused some confusion.