Guild Wars 2 offers quite a few unique mechanics

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Guild Wars 2 offers quite a few unique mechanics and one of those can be found in how the game handles normal questing and rewards. Instead of hordes of NPCs with question marks floating over their heads, Guild Wars 2 has a more centralized system of questing known as Renown with rewards in the form of Karma. To fully explain these mechanics, Guild Wars 2 Hub offers this intro guide to Renown and Karma.

Karma is a form of currency in Guild Wars 2 that you can spend at Karma Merchants for a variety of goods. Every Renown NPC becomes a Karma Merchant once you’ve completed all their tasks, but there are also other Karma Merchants scattered throughout Tyria. For example, there are Karma Merchants located in each major city that will sell you a variety of crafting materials, and even certain crafting trainers, such as the Chef trainer, will sell materials for Karma.

You can gain Karma from completing Renown tasks, dynamic events, and through personal storylines (both yours and other players if you’re grouped with them). Karma Merchants can sell everything from weapons and armor to potions to food. Usually, the items that a Karma Merchant carries is of higher quality than items dropped by creatures of a relative level range. Naturally, the better the item, the higher the cost. Below you can see some items carried by a Karma Merchant in lower level zone in Guild Wars 2.

As you can see, Renown and Karma go together, hand-in-hand. Completing Renown tasks rewards you not only with XP and money, but also with Karma points and the ability to spend those points from the NPC you’ve just helped. Overall, the Renown and Karma systems in Guild Wars 2 is a different take on the quest/reward mechanic.

Instead of running willy-nilly all over a zone looking for quests, you automatically know where to go, what you need to do, and what level the challenge is for the Renown tasks. Wasting time is irritating and Guild Wars 2 really keeps that to a minimum. Now get out there and start making those hearts glow!