Guild wars 2 Elegant incantation knitter

I think there are many elements that take a long stick like a beautiful gesture, but hesitant to that dead slow attack speed. Basically the destructive power of a long stick is very high, especially in the power of the fire department Pugong Gw2 gold  is the best of all types of weapons, but the long stick attack speed but also the slowest. In many people’s eyes, a long stick attack speed insufficient, leading to a blame may be a long time before death kite.

Flip side, the advantage of a long stick attack has the farthest distance, just to familiarize their skills, as long as the monster is not too hard category, basically walked in front of their own have been able to be worn away more than 80% of the blood, and even one by one a few have still not dead. And sometimes even touch can not touch yourself, monsters have to lie out. So now it says how to use my skill set long stick it ~

Water and soil series belong to delay the outbreak of type, so each of the hands skills are best soil series or water, usually hang around the field, it is best soil series opener, if dynamic event, it is best to River hands.