Amazing armor for most classes

I would probably have stayed playing GW2 if it wasn’t for the lack of PvE end-game. So you spend maybe months completing the campaigns and what do you get for it? The chance to do all the missions again is in “hardmode”. I couldn’t believe it at first, and looked everywhere vainly trying to find something else. Apart from the challenges (which are fun the first time you do them) there was nothing. With such a lack of end-game PvE, I look to PvP to fulfil my needs. Make a customizable PvP character and go straight into PvP? Absolutely brilliant! The casual PvP is great, but even try and get into Heroes Ascent and you’ll be smacked down as a noob.

I have never met such an elitist community in my entire mmo career. In order to get anywhere, you have to have a certain rank, and in order to get this rank, you have to PvP in this section. This means you either have to find a guild to help you through, or get really lucky with a random group. Despite this, Guild wars 2 PvP was refreshing in the fact that everyone had access to the same gear, so it was up to skill and teamwork to decide who won in a fight. This made the game much more enjoyable to play than other games which focused mostly on gear. In summary, a good game with nice graphics and a well thought out system, but lacking in community spirit. But despite this, for a F2P mmorpg, it’s still the best you can have.

It is really one of the best free MMORPG’s around. And I’ve gone threw tons and tons of different F2P MMORPG’s just so I could play something else for a little while. Only way you could want to quit GW is because your staying in one area to long and aren’t really continuing on with the story line / quests. The Population has gone down a little but not a ton. I guess it’s a game where you have to set goals. I left GW once for only a few months because I felt like I had nothing to do. But there are so many titles to go for. Amazing armor for most classes and well there is each class to play. If you have all the GW there are 10 different classes to play? I’m sure you will find something you like. The Guild wars 2 gold is sold at our site.