The rewards in runescape

Nothing brings people together like facing down a ravening horde of bloodvelds. As such, from today, you’ll be able to pair up into two-player groups to take on slayer tasks. To team up, simply use your enchanted gem or slayer ring on the player you wish to invite, or use the gem or ring’s new ‘co-op’ right-click option and enter their name when prompted. As long as neither of you are on an active slayer task, or if you are on the same slayer task, you will then invite them to join your group. Note that you must be on the same world to team up. Targets killed by you or your slayer partner will count towards your current task’s kill count. Combat and Slayer XP won’t be shared between you, but you’ll burn through tasks in half the time and competition for kills will be less fierce.

Each time you complete a task in a slayer group, you’ll earn a co-op point. These new points can be spent in the Slayer Rewards Store, accessible from any slayer master by right-clicking and selecting the ‘rewards’ option, and then selecting the ‘co-op’ tab. These rewards include two new pets: a cute – if slimy – baby acquaint, and a tiny strykewyrm by the name of Freezy. As well as this, you can unlock the permanent ability to share potion effects: drink a potion while your slayer partner is nearby, and they’ll be granted half of the full bonus that the potion imparted to you.

The ability to heal your group partner by using food items on them can also be unlocked. These two functions can only be used in designated slayer areas and while in a group, but they’re a handy way to help out if your friend’s flagging. Friends who slay together stay together, so buddy up and cut a two-way swathe through Runescape’s monster population! Preparations are proceeding apace for the Gielinor Games: a multicultural sporting spectacular that will bring the denizens of Gielinor together for a contest of endurance, dexterity and cheese rolling. We provide all games with cheap Runescape gold with safe guarantee.