Guild Wars allow you to Hire NPC Henchmen

Guild Wars 2 also has Epic weapons, you can acquire from just about any boss mob, but the drop ratio of the weapons are extremely low, which opens the door for farming that particular boss for its weapon, that you will be able to equip on your character, henchmen, and even hero’s. Also, not only does Guild Wars allow you to Hire NPC Henchmen at any time, if you finish certain quest chains, you will be able to unlock Hero NPC’s that act as henchmen, but have better spells, survive longer, and hit harder then the regular henchmen do, and have an inventory to help you carry things. To combat this, the developers regularly nurfed and buffed various skills to kill off a particular build. The players would then discover what worked and that became the next cookie cutter build. And so the cycle went on.

You also have the abilty to equip weapons, armor and spells (skills) on the hero, and Henchmen NPC’s. I have a few Hero class NPC’s that are equipped with several Epic weapons. Some of my heros are even equipped with epic spells that I had unlocked on some of my endeavors. I could only imagine, with all of these new BETA games popping up day by day, How will Guild Wars 2 ever compete with a lot of these great games? I bet do to this information given and with all of these other games coming out, Guild Wars 2 will be top notch. Cheers NcSoft for this, although old, great game.

This game kept me busy for many, many years. I have played practically since launch. It was fantastic but be sure and READ THIS if your debating on playing it, I loved it but there really aren’t very many people who play this game anymore. 5/6 people per district. Everyone I see is just getting on to reminisce the good days or to try and fill out their HoM for Guild wars 2. So just save your money and keep the support for our Guild wars 2 gold website. I believe Guild wars 2 is going to truly dominate the MMORPG world when it releases.