How to Better Scavenge For the Fortnite supplies

Your base isn’t going to construct itself. To erect a veritable fortress in a position to withstand attacks from husks, you as well as your allies will have to scavenge for fortnite materials you may need to survive and thrive. Wood, stone, and metal are essential supplies. You will have to have them to lay floors and raise floor. Rule of thumb: if you do not have no less than a handful of of these supplies on you constantly, drop what you happen to be doing and scavenge.

Wood may be harvested from obvious sources like logs and trees, too as not-so-obvious ones for example buildings carved from wood. For metal, break down vehicles, poles, and pipes, or go spelunking through caves in forests to recover deposits of ore. Take on missions set in forest areas if you need to explore caves.

To harvest stone, you are going to will need a pickaxe. Simply wield it against rocks to break them down. Rocks are identified in great numbers in the forest, but it is possible to also find some on outskirts of cities.

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