Albion Online Revealed A New Intro Video

Already on July 17, the official release of MMORPG Albion Online will take place. People who have a set of “Legendary” will be able to start studying the world before others, PvP-battles, battles with all sorts of PvE-opponents, crafting equipment, erecting buildings and pumping characters.

And so in honor of the soon release of the game, the developers decided to please us with a new intro video.

The video says that after a poke of years, the mist disappeared and exposed Albion, a land hidden by the sea, impregnated with myths and magic. The monarch of the Old World, ruling with an iron hand, desired to possess the wealth of Albion. He urged adventurers who want to escape from the gloomy past, settle in new lands.

But the sea depth was fraught with danger, and not all managed to get to Albion. Those who moored to the shores of the magical land, immediately began to engage in crafts, to trade and conquer territories. And it is you who are one of these adventurers.